First Release

Please pardon our secrecy in the start.  What we plan is going to be very exciting, but it should make sense to you that we don't want too much known to the public until we're ready to launch.  With that, I still want to share as much as I can with you at this time...

Up front, know that we won't be writing about the NHL or other pro hockey teams, UNLESS it has a unique connection with the niche we will mostly be focusing on.

In general, we will concentrate on the grassroots levels of our wonderful game, and as often as possible we'll want to tell others just how wonderful it is.

As stated previously, we'll be looking for one or two hours of your time per month, although the most thorough reporters will probably want to spend a little more time.

Should you accept an assignment with us, you'll be our correspondent for your home state.  You shouldn't need to travel in order to cover your area, although you may find times when seeing subjects or places in person might be a wise choice.  (Whenever possible, it will be helpful if you're able to in some way secure a photo to go along with your stories or reports.)  If you live in a very large state, perhaps we'll sometime discuss splitting that state between two or three resident writers.

If you notice, I've often used several terms to describe the positions in question.  In a way, we'll all be "writers", and we'll also all be "reporting" about the goings on in our own parts of the country.  I also know that a lot of national and international media types are dubbed "correspondents", because they cover an assigned territory.  That said -- and assuming that you take a position with us, it will be your choice to use the title you feel best suited for you.

We'll ask you to submit a monthly article, essay or even an opinion piece on the ice hockey going on within your state.  Don't worry, we'll be a lot more specific as our target launch date nears...
  • As of now, we're hoping to launch the site on September 1 of 2013
  • Once all the writers or reporters are in place, we'll give each of you far more information, as well as suggestions for your first story, how you might find a subject or subjects for that story, etc
  • We're hoping that by August 15th you'll know all about this new undertaking, as well as your very important role in it
  • At some point, you'll be given a company email address to be displayed with each of your monthly articles.  Down the road, I suspect this will benefit you greatly, as readers in your territory contact you with story ideas
I'm sensing right now that some writers will want to take on an even greater role than just relating events from their home state.  That's when we'll want to give a writer even more visibility.

Right now, we're exploring ways correspondents might financially support their writing efforts.  More on that, though, in a future post to those who eventually commit to this project.

Finally, I'm going to ask you to do either of these things...  
  • Please let me know that you're no longer interested in pursuing an assignment with us by "unsubscribing" from this email list (with the link provided in the letter I just sent you)
  • If you're still pretty interested, be sure to complete form at the bottom of the Home page (that's the only way I can contact writers as a group)
  • Then, if you want to stake claim to your state's position now, please send me an email asap stating just that
While you're drinking in the above, and considering joining us, I'll be busy putting more ideas together for those who are still interested.

Yours in hockey,

Dennis Chighisola/Coach Chic

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